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Are you having a headache when you have to choose the best of many food tours in Hoi An? It was a hard job! Cause the food tours in Hoi An are all not the same, in terms of cost and time of day, and you’ll all be turned on by different things. We easily discover that almost food tours will bring us to try local foods (ofcourse). It’s a chance for tourists trying many different foods. If you are looking for an unforgettable and unique trip with a passionate local friend, you should not skip our post.

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THE 4 BEST Da Nang City Food Tours

1. Prices of Food Tours
People said “you get what you pay for”. But i just agree with this budget for some situations. Actually, almost food tours in Hoi an is around 25-65 USD/person. You can find the most expensive one in food tours with the Australian man living in Hoi An or the trip by Vespa by a Foreign travel agent. All local businesses have lower prices, but the quality is also high-end. Example, Jolie Food Tour with 37 USD for a person could give you the best experiences for food discovery. 
Food Tours
2. What do we discover from Food tours?
When we mention about Food Tours, ofcourse, it’s all about food. Your tour guide will bring you to discover local foods around Hoi An. Some food tours will take you the hidden place outside the old town, some will introduce the most famous foods in Hoian as travel magazines or bloggers always talk about.
Local foods in Hoian are amazing- we could not deny it. But the soul of food tours is not only just eating, your tour guide needs to be a local buddy who introduce about food culture and history, how to cook, when local eat…If not, we should be better to have google friend  However, almost foodie guides in Hoian love their job and can show many interesting stories behind the food.
Food Tours
3. Highlight of Food Tours
One of our favourite activities to do when visiting a new area is to join Food tours.  You will have a chance to jump right into the area with someone guiding you along the way. More than of that, they can show you where all the local favourite spots are. With Jolie Food tour, you can have many different things. Firstly is the Hoian Helping Hands Food tour that we will visit the Hoian social center where many unlucky children are living. We could sing, dance and place with these lovely kids. Their Night food tour will bring us to discover Hoian with the romantic night and interesting folk game.
  Food Tours
4. So, which food tour do we should do in Hoian?
We highly recommend Jolie Food tours with their experience and passion. You can find the different feeling when you try Jolie Food Tour with anothers. Their tour guides are young and lovely. They will give you the best memory in Hoian. Don’t hesitate to book Jolie Food Tour
Food Tours
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