Hoi An best tours

Hoi An has become one of the most attractive cities for tourists in Vietnam. You can enjoy many activities such as a city tour, cooking classes, countryside exploration and food tours. It has so many delicious foods to try by yourself or with a food tour. Why not check the list of Food Tours in Hoi An and pick your favorite one.

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The 10 Best Hoi An Tours


1.    Original taste of Hoi An

Original taste of Hoi An was established by Neville and his wife Coleen after Neville’s first trip to Vietnam in 2005. At the age of 70 years old, Neville has never lost his passion, enthusiasm and love of telling stories about history, daily life and food. A 4-hour walking tour, sampling 40 types of food that are only known by locals, visiting the primary market with no souvenir vendors, you will have a wonderful food tour with him. Last, but not least, will be a visit to his restaurant where you will be introduced to different fun facts about culture and Vietnamese food, presented by Neville.

The only thing you should aware is you may be not the only guests on the food tour due to its fame and popularity.

Hoi An best tours


2.  Jolie food tour

Contact: https://joliefoodtour.com

Jolie, who was born in Hoi An, has a great passion for sharing the original beauty of food and daily life of the city and old town to everyone she meets. All of the stops on the tour give you a unique taste of Hoi An, she ensures that the places visited only have the best hygiene. Your guide, Rosie is not a native English speaker, but her English is very proficient. She will share many things about the daily life of locals, the experiences of local food, and interesting untold stories that you would never get with a non-local person. The tour of 4 hours goes quickly when you are having a great time tasting food, chatting with local people, walking in secret alley ways and eating at some secret vendors. It’s a small group tour giving you more time for sharing experiences and hanging out. Last, but not least, you will enjoy walking into the old town and enjoying different traditional games, a boat ride for river sightseeing and lantern releasing is fantastic. The food tour with Jolie is definitely worth every penny.

Hoi An best tours

3.  HoiAn foodtour:


HoiAn food tour is a local business which was established in 2014. They offer different types of food tours such as walking, food tours on a motorbike or food tours by bicycle. Their team consists of young people who are well-trained to show you the best of Hoi An. The tours are very well organized, with a great selection of food. You will not go home hungry.

Hoi An best tours


4.  Eat Hoi An

This tour has been created by Mr Phuoc, a lovely and knowledgeable man who has a great love of sharing the beauty of the local cuisine of HoiAn with all tourists. It is not just a food tour, it is also a spectacular discovery of the old town as you move around the local alley ways, try different foods that you definitely wouldn’t try by yourselves. With the introduction and shared stories from Mr Phuoc, you will learn so much about this enchanting town with its lovely people and charming cuisine. 

Food Tour in Hoi An

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