Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class

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  • Tên: Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class
  • Điện thoại: 0905607766
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  • Địa chỉ: 36 Hoa Son 6 street, Hoa Cuong District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam

If you want to go to local places, learn about the Vietnamese culture, enjoy the best Vietnamese food and truly immerse yourself in everything Vietnamese this trip is what you are looking for- Jolie Da Nang cooking class.
This tour is also a wonderful mix of garden farming, market visiting and cooking Vietnamese food hands-on.
When you come to our cozy house you can meet our lovely family: passionate Rosie, sweet Jolie, welcoming Blue, adorable kids, and smart students. We are here to provide one of the best moments in your trip to Da Nang city.

Highlights of Jolie Da Nang cooking class:
Discover the best of Vietnamese cuisine with 4 authentic dishes and learn how to cook them in the local way.
Explore a famous local market with many things to see and to buy.
Escape the noise of the modern city and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the vegetable garden.
Take the chance to chat with a working farmer and ask her about her cultivation techniques and lifestyle.
See a different side of Da Nang on the 5 hour cooking class with friendly, local people
Hands-on cooking in easy steps under the instruction of the lovely and humorous teacher.


The Jolie Da Nang cooking class is available in the morning and afternoon.
All vegetarians are welcomed at our Jolie Da Nang cooking class with vegetarian ingredients.


Your lovely and knowledgeable tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Da Nang center. After that, a green vegetable garden is waiting for you. Here you will also meet an amazing Vietnamese farmer- aunty Ut. No need for English, Ut’s face is so expressive, words are not needed. You will join in with some farming techniques: from tilling the soil, to watering, to replanting herbs, this tour is very interactive!
Next, we will have time to chat and to share experiences at a local coffee shop. You will enjoy Vietnamese coffee and learn about the culture surrounding it.
Leaving the coffee shop, we go cross to the beautiful Rooster church and then to explore a famous local market. Hectic markets filled with local goods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, spices. You might also learn some “bargaining” tips when shopping. Bargaining is the norm in markets in Vietnam.
Last but not least, we go to visit our family and the home cooking class waiting for you there. After touring around our cozy house, we will have a fun day preparing all sorts of different dishes, laughing and talking. You will cook 4 authentic Vietnamese dishes with our passionate cook, not a qualified chef but a local mama who cooks daily for her family.
We will enjoy lunch/dinner together eating the food which you have created. If you are into music you can do karaoke or play the piano/ guitar/ ukulele with our family.

Necessary Information:
Price: $41/ adult
On rainy day

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